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So, Planets in 1st and 10th house in Lagna Chart getting shifted in the previous 12th and 9th house will be in 12th and 9th house but in the signs of 1th and 5th house and its aspects. Example. Saturn in 10th house in cancer in Lagna Chart getting shifted in previous 9th house will be in 9th but in cancer sign and its aspect will be 12, 4, 7th houses.The planet Saturn or Shani is a giver of variant impacts upon the natives but they always comes in a blend of good& bad and similar results would be here also when Saturn in 9th house. Here, Saturn or Shani would provide strong understanding of philosophies and saturn in 9th house barbara pijan

Saturn deserves its reputation as the most feared planet because it is relentless in forcing us to learn the lessons of the house in which it falls in a natal chart.

Feb 16, 2008 Shammi Kapoor has Sun Moon, Mercury and Saturn in 10th house, Scorpio, D9 chart. Steve McQueen has Sun, Mercury andVenus in 10th, Pisces in Rasi chart. Susan Sarandon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter in 10th, Libra in Rasi chart. Of Rahu in the 9th, Ketu in the 3rd More on the personal shadow. 58 December 2013 Followup to Embracing the Shadow: Dynamics in an existential crisis. 2330 November 2013.saturn in 9th house barbara pijan The ninth house is about freedom to roam the edges of mental and physical frontiers. So, with this Saturn, maybe you grew up in a rigidly fixed religious community. Perhaps free thought was repressed, and conformity rewarded.

Saturn's glance upon the dushthamsha 3 6 generally helpful. Shani slowdown drishti restricts the speed of mental confusion through excessive wordiness (3) and karmic resistance from enemies (6). riskaverse Shani may however be too cautious in undertakings and fearful of the everpresent negative underbelly of human behavior (6). saturn in 9th house barbara pijan Those with Saturn in the 9th House can suffer from a feeling of being trapped, caged in, with nowhere to really go. The 9th House is where you go when you want to feel free, inspired, like the world is at your fingertips. This is a feeling that can be difficult to come by when you have a 9th House Saturn. The planet Saturn or Shani makes the person work really hard for attaining success as it never gives without taking efforts from the person and for the same the presence of Saturn in second house would make the person highly ambitious and hard working for With Saturn in the 9th house, they usually need an orthodox religion to make them feel safe and secure. The individual tends to stick with things that have been proven over throughout time. They shy away from new visions of the world dreamt up last week and need something that 3. When Saturn goes to 3rd house from Janma Rasi, there will be bad time to brothers and sisters. In natal chart if Saturn is in its own house or in 11 th labasthana, then also there will be bad time to brothers or sisters. 4. When Saturn goes to 4th house from Janma Rasi, some relatives may pass away.

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