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Top global brand of international schools from playgroup to high school offering inquiry based programmes with IB, IGCSE. Headquartered in Singapore, EtonHouse is a global brand in 12 countries with more than 100 schoolsWish EtonHouse Thao Dien continued success in the future! It's brilliant a beautiful garden and lovely inside area free of charge for mums and babies 24pm EtonHouse, EMaison International PreSchool, Thao Dien. Ms. Claire Durrant (Mommy, Me& Daddy too! ) VISIT US. etonhouse international pre-school

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EtonHouse International preschool and schools follow the international school calendar that begins in August and ends in June, with school closure during the term breaks. . School finishes at 3pm. On the other hand, our Singapore preschools follow the Singapore MOE academic calendar and operate from January to December. EtonHouse Bahrain provides an Early Years Programme for children aged from 18 months to 4 years of age. Our qualified, international class teachers are supported by classroom assistants. The early years are vitally important in the mental, physical and social development of every child.etonhouse international pre-school The EtonHouse International Education Group is headquartered in Singapore with more than 100 international schools spread across 12 countries. Over the last 21 years, EtonHouse has been at the forefront of international education offering innovative preschools and K12 schools across Asia. A

EtonHouse International PreSchool, Yangon. Nestled in a beautifully landscaped property, the brand new EtonHouse Yangon is located in the heart of the city's residential area. Being in the prime area of Yangon, it is easily accessible. Share this page on. This page was last edited on July 15, 2016. etonhouse international pre-school EtonHouse International PreSchool Hong Kong December 13 at 4: 45 AM Child psychologist Lilian Ithaka gives our content partner LittleLives insight into communicating with children, when you know a child needs therapy, and how she acts as a champion for children. Welcome to EtonHouse Malaysia International School As the first EtonHouse school in Malaysia, EHM opened its doors on October 10th, 2010. Since that day, the school has been fully dedicated to International PreSchool at An Phu for 3 years. I love the working and teaching environment here. So i think, this PreSchool will also a good school for your children. EtonHouse International Preschool Singapore, SG Encourage children to take pride in their own environment and show respect and concern for others, to the benefit of

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