Wire house vs broker dealer

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Mar 27, 2015  Just speaking with my broker dealer and their back office, the average advisor age goes up 2 years for every year that passes. The infrastructure that aFinancial advisors currently at a wire house, bank, insurance company, or regional broker dealer that are thinking about going independent have a number of options. However, it's important that each potential breakaway broker take a step back and evaluate if he or she is willing to settle for a scenario that offers less than full independence. wire house vs broker dealer

Wire House. Wire house is a term used to refer to larger brokerage firms that are networked and able to communicate buy or sell orders among various branches of the firm. Brokerage Firm. In the securities industry, a brokerage firm is basically the same thing as a brokerdealer.

The brokerdealer's AML procedures should address these types of red flags, how red flags will be detected, and what due diligence and actions will be performed if such red flags are detected. The brokerdealer should maintain evidence of any due diligence performed. YOU ARE AN EMPLOYEE You work for a firm that has global or regional offices that share financial information, research, and prices. You are growing a business for someone else.wire house vs broker dealer Generally, transfers where the delivering entity is not a brokerdealer (for example a bank, mutual fund, or credit union) will take more time. In addition, transfers of accounts requiring a custodian, like an Individual Retirement Account or a Custodial Account for a minor child, may take additional time.

Jan 30, 2012  Sometimes finding your way to a new broker dealer can feel like navigating your way through a maze. With hundreds of broker dealers to choose from, it can be difficult to find a wire house vs broker dealer What Is a Broker Dealer? A broker dealer is someone who facilitates investment transactions. Many broker dealers also have representatives that can act as advisors to help you decide which investments to purchase, and which to sell. In many cases, a broker dealer receives his or Wirehouse. A Wirehouse is a large integrated broker with a national, as opposed to regional business. Wirehouses once collected trade orders from branch offices in distant cities using dedicated telegraph lines, hence the term wirehouse. A wirehouse broker is a nonindependent broker working for a wirehouse firm, or a firm with multiple branches such as a national brokerage house. The four largest and most wellknown wirehouse Aug 01, 2012  The days of simply picking up the Yellow Pages and selecting a stock broker at random or even listening to what E. F. Hutton has to say have gone the way of the rotary telephone.

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