Building an overhang on a house

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A roof overhang is called an eave. An eave is the edge of a roof that projects beyond the face of a wall, providing protection from the elements. Eaves are located at the bottom edges of a roof. Eaves normally project beyond the side of the building, forming an overhang.How can the answer be improved? building an overhang on a house

A roof overhang protects the building under it from rain and weather, and if your house doesn't have one, adding an overhang is not an especially difficult construction job.

Exterior overhangs provide a practical method of shading building elements such as windows, doors, and walls. Overhangs are most effective at midday. This is especially true for building elements facing south in the northern hemisphere (or north in the southern hemisphere). The roof on the house I'm building is a Dutch gable essentially a hip roof with gables that peek out at each end of the ridge with a 612 pitch and 32 overhangs. Highly recommend either checking out the program Martin linked to or a program like Sketchup so that window size and placement can be modelled holistically with overhang design.building an overhang on a house An overhang in architecture is a protruding structure which may provide protection for lower levels. Overhangs on two sides of Pennsylvania Dutch barns protect doors, windows, and other lower level structure. Overhangs on all four sides of barns is common in Swiss architecture.

Overhangs shade windows from the summer sun, they help to keep water from dribbling off the roof and down the siding, and theyre a good place to hang gutters. The installation of simple overhangs on a house involves nailing rafter extensions onto existing rafters. building an overhang on a house An overhang, no matter how big or small, keeps the sun and rain away from the house. It also protects a home from snow and sleet, and provides overall safety from the elements. An overhang can be built over a patio, or just over a door.

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