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The Regiomontanus house system is a mathematically simpler version of the Placidian system. It gives slightly different cusp values from Placidus and does not use varying semiarc ratios in determining the cusps. There are problems with this system in extreme latitudes.The Placidus House System also became popular because, in astrological practice, it actually works quite well. Interpretations of horoscopes bear out. The Alcabitus, Campanus, Horizontal, PoliEquatorial, and Regiomontanus House Systems are similarly undefined for latitudes above the Arctic Circles. None of these House Systems can be used for regiomontanus house system

The 15th century German Astrologer Johan Muller developed the Regiomontanus House System to calculate births at high latitudes. It divides the zodiac circle into 3 and the North and South horizon points join at the trisection and can give reliable results for people born in Polar regions.

The Regiomontanus system is considered a house system defined by space. The house system is named after the German mathematician, astronomer and astrologer Regiomontanus (Johannes Mller of Knigsberg, ), but was invented by the Spanish Jewish astrologer Abrahma ibn Esra (1167). Every house system is dependent on the rotational movement of Earth on its axis, but there is a wide range of approaches to calculating house divisions and different opinions among astrologers over which house system is most accurate. The Regiomontanus system was later largely replaced by the Placidus system.regiomontanus house system During the 19th Century and much of the 20 Century Placidus was the only house system that was easily accessible to rank and file astrologers. This easy availability of the Placidus house system was via the wellcirculated and popular Raphael's Ephemeris.

Dr. J. Lee Lehman, one of the modern authorities on Horary and Electional Astrology (where the House cusps and the rulers of the House cusps are of primary importance) seems to prefer the Regiomontanus House system for her Horary charts. regiomontanus house system Another house system that is often compared to Campanus, and frequently claimed to be a development of it, is the Regiomontanus system, because it also utilizes a great circle other than the ecliptic as its main frame of reference. Regiomontanus, however, is based upon an equal division of the equator rather than the prime vertical it is the The Radiant House System Same as the Horizontal House System. Regiomontanus House System The celestial equator circle is cut at thirty degree intervals starting at the Aries point, and these points are projected onto the ecliptic using house circles. It is an unequal house system and the houses can vary in size significantly, but it does not result in problems with interceptions in the polar regions. CAMPANUS AND REGIOMONTANUS. This house system may have been created by 15th century brothers Joseph and Matthew Campanus, although some believe it dates back to the 13th century.

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